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Scope and policy

The journal file doctor of Camagüey, is the scientific organ of official disclosure of the medical sciences in the province of Camagüey. It publishes numbers Serial bi-monthly, as well as supplements and special issues devoted to different scientific topics of interest. It has a broad profile of publication. Consider those works that are related with: public health, health administration, basic sciences, clinical sciences, nursing, teaching among other areas that are related to health and health services. Each issue is published in electronic version on the web site of Rev. Arch. Med. Camagüey ( People subscribed to it will have access to it after indexed numbers refer to deepen scientific knowledge, evaluating and issuing its criteria in relation to the contents. The aim of the magazine is to disseminate scientific results to health professionals and the formation of human resources for health, in any part of the country and the world. On a priority basis in the territory of the province of Camagüey. Cuba. In the journal file doctor of Camagüey, authors can give you exit their contributions through different modalities: letters to the director, editorials, original articles, pedagogical articles, presentation cases, scientific theories, brief communications, conferences and how much information is relevant and important to the development of scientific activity. Manuscripts accepted in the editorial process will be heritage magazine, therefore, total or partial publication in other media must be approved by the director.

The Editorial Board reserves the right of modifications of style and and/or annotate texts that require it, pledging to respect the original content. The journal file doctor of Camagüey meets certification requirements established for scientific-technological serials, provided for in the third section of article 20 of the resolution no. 59/2003 of the Ministry of science, technology and environment of the Republic of Cuba. The journal file doctor of Camagüey does not contain, nor accepts advertising materials, is not responsible for the opinions or criteria of the authors, nor accepts jobs that have been previously published or be under consideration by the Editorial Board of another national or foreign magazine. The rules of publication can be consulted to send an article on-line or in policy sections. The information provided through contributions to the journal file doctor of Camaguey, to generalize experiences in scientific research, will allow to settle the expertise of medical researchers, for traspolen lessons learned; towards the promotion, protection and restoration of the health and well-being of the sick, in a silent and patient way; They allow each day scanning them in order to unravel the unknown and reach the threshold of human knowledge.

The system of review of the medical file magazine of Camagüey (AMC), requires independent assessment and blindly by two reviewers, least employing magazine in its process of assessment of the contributions presented for publication. The review blind means that copies (anonymous) referees receiving lack the name of the authors, their institutions, their thanks or other data enabling their identification. The independence of the review is achieved through the masking of the arbitrators It also gets a double-blind. The time authors must wait for acceptance or rejection of their work will be of one month. The authors shall retain a copy of the materials submitted to the magazine. Copies of the rejected works will be destroyed. With the ethical rules, special care is maintained during the arbitration process, avoiding conflicts of interest. It is prohibited to use the knowledge acquired by the reviewers, during the evaluation of the work with personal interest, prior to publication; as well as the public disclosure of the results of the investigation. The materials subject to arbitration, may not reproduced or discussed with any person, without the consent of the director of the magazine. It will not disclose the names of referees who review each job in particular, although as a form of encouragement they can reveal collectively.

The editor of the magazine reserves the right to reject articles deemed not appropriate for publication. Once each number published, authors may not make changes to the original article accepted, during the publishing process. Authors should consult the instructions for the magazine on the shipment of figures in electronic format. The legends of the illustrations should be prepared on separate pages, with the same Arabic numerals corresponding to each illustration. When symbols, arrows, numbers, or letters are used to identify parts of figure, you must identify and clearly explain the meaning of all of them in the legend. Internal scale the image must also be explained. The staining method used should be described in the microphotographs.

This magazine provides free immediate access to their content under the principle that do free research available to the public supports a greater global knowledge sharing.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

You must be structured as follows: introduction, methods, results and discussion (IMMRAD). Each of these sections shall be indicated by letter in the text of the work. Original papers should not exceed the 12 pages, 20 pages reviews and short communications and case reports 4, including bibliographic references and annexes; typed, according to the rules described below.

Review articles

They will be organized using the IMMRAD format, or expand the introduction; delete materials and methods (unless that present original data or say as he identified and selected bibliography which should be included); delete the results and enter the discussion. Literature reviews
Taking into account that it is an electronic publication not you restrict the maximum extension of the works, optionally work may include tables and figures (which will follow the same rules as for the original articles). Review articles, should be on the most up-to-date bibliography of the subject matter. They consist of a small continuous overview; brief introduction, which includes: the objective of the review; development, a fundamental part of the review and the conclusions, which should summarize the essence of the review and written in a paragraph. The authors will make the presentation of the subject reviewed critically, expressing the criteria of your practical experience. It must never be a simple transcription of the revised bibliography.

Educational research (revisions)

Pedagogical research (revisions) follow the rules of presentation according to policies of the bibliographical revisions section (abstract, introduction, development and references). What really distinguishes this type of article is the field of study, in this case, the corresponding to pedagogy. However, the original manuscripts of higher medical teaching will prioritize.

Presentations of cases

Types: Unique, rare or unexpected Association case case in which unexpected events and reporting of minor cases are given. They are considered for publication if they represent uncommon medically important and instructive experiences. They are limited in length to 4 pages of the magazine. They will have the following structure: first page (same as the original articles), summary in Castilian and English; then, the introduction should be a short paragraph that gives some message about the case. Only the case in detail should be described with emphasis on clinical information and its usefulness (include the objective); case presentation (be reflected in chronological order all the presentation, since the patient was attended for the first time until the outcome); discussion and references. Tables, figures and illustrations should follow the same guidelines that were given to the original articles. The discussion should focus on the specific message of the case and the surgical importance - diagnostic and therapeutic. If the author has found other cases, these can be mentioned and illustrated but not described in detail. Shall not be more than 10 references. The figures shall be limited to the minimum required to document the findings of the case. Legends of illustrations and non-repetitive text must also be short.

Brief communications

Short communications are made up of structured abstract scientific articles (see original articles section), in Spanish and English; key words; an introduction of one page maximum; material and method, where are the essential elements for the development of the work; the results, on one or two tables or figures and a discussion of one page, that expresses the essential elements. Finally, the authors located references according to standards. Publishing editorials will be made by the Director of the medical file magazine or custom made and can include up to 4 figures or tables. They may be of scientific content or opinion.

Scientific publishers

They assume a rigorous updating or an interesting remark about something. Editorial opinion. They collected views or positions scientific partner of the scientific community on certain subject of common interest of researchers and health professionals.

Short contributions

Descriptions of research projects, preliminary results of ongoing research, opinions or ideas about current issues in the field, travel experiences, personal or institutional experiences in solving technical problems. Short contributions will not exceed 8 pages.

Presentation of lectures or presentations at scientific meetings or events

They must contain the following data in the first sheet: name of the meeting or event in which arose, responsible organization, as well as date and venue. Correspondence (letters), containing comments on articles published in AMC with no more than three pages will be published.

Are included in addition

News, bibliographies, retractions, corrections or amendments, tutorials, terminology, abstracts, summaries of meetings, commemorative publications, profiles of products, programs, reprint articles, legal cases, lessons, reviews, glossaries, private directories, speeches, interviews, errata, guides and annual reports. Materials received can be published wholly or partly according to the importance of the subject matter or for reasons of space.


Sending of manuscripts

Papers will be presented in the Editorial of the Provincial information centre of Medical Sciences Department, in printed and electronic form.

In case of doubt please contact:Director Magazine medical file of Camagüey.


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