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Scope and policy

Cooperativismo y Desarrollo (COODES), is a publication of the Center of Studies on Management, Local Development, Tourism and Cooperativism (CE-GESTA) attached to the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Pinar del Río "Hermanos Saíz Montes de Oca", which will be in charge of its direction.

It is a publication addressed to social scientists and professionals linked to cooperativism, management, local development and tourism, as well as to people and institutions interested in the topics it deals with. It will also be an important way to disseminate the cooperative experience of different countries and international institutions related to the University and the Center of Studies.

The publication language is Spanish, and the title, abstract and key words of each article are presented in English. From volume 7 onwards, the articles are also published in full text in English from the translation of the original in Spanish. From volume 8 onwards, the title, abstract and keywords of each article are presented in Portuguese. Its articles are published in HTML and PDF formats for easy access and download.

The general objective of the Cooperativismo y Desarrollo is to promote the theory and practice of cooperativism and development, and to disseminate results of high scientific rigor, theoretical basis, applicability and social impact, to support the processes of education and business training.

Thematic profile

  • Social and solidarity economy
  • Theory of cooperativism
  • Cooperative education
  • Cooperative law
  • Administration in cooperative enterprises
  • Economic-financial management of cooperatives
  • Cooperative social management
  • Cooperative intercooperation
  • Cooperativism and environment
  • Cooperativism and local development
  • Food sovereignty and food and nutritional security
  • Economic actors in function of development
  • Processes of science and technological innovation for development
  • Information and communication technologies for development
  • Human resources management for development
  • Tourism management and development
  • Value chain management for development
  • Legal foundations of public and business management for development
  • Corporate social responsibility and territorial development
  • Management of sustainable local development
  • Workforce management for local development
  • Socio-cultural management for local development


To be a way of disseminating scientific and technical results of research related to the theory and practice of cooperativism and development in Cuba and the world, as well as a space for the exchange of experiences which contributes to the consolidation of the cooperative sector as an actor in economic, productive and social development.


We are a highly visible and credible journal on cooperativism and development issues, which constitutes a national and international reference for research, teaching and technical-professional training of human resources.


Peer review process

Coodes uses a double-blind peer review system, where neither authors nor reviewers identify with each other, maintaining anonymity on both sides and among the reviewers themselves. The review has a period of between 3 and 4 weeks to send the executive editor his observations and his recommendation (accept sending, publishable with modifications, reevaluable, not publishable). In case the decision of the two arbitrators is divided, the evaluation will be requested to a third referee looking for a consensus in the editorial decision. Subsequently, the executive editor will send an evaluation summary to the author with the decision. In addition, from the same platform can activate the permission for the authors to access the particularized review performed by each reviewer. In case that modifications are required, the author will have a deadline to make them and send a new version. That new version will be submitted to a second round of evaluation. As many rounds will be carried out as required.

The editorial board of this magazine offers an estimated time between five (5) and six (6) months for the process of evaluation of the manuscripts and their subsequent publication.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

The process of sending articles will be done exclusively online via the OJS platform of Cooperativismo y Desarrollo, published on intranet and internet. The author must complete all the metadata that they request to have the required information about the authors and the manuscript. For the electronic submission of a manuscript should be consulted and follow the available instructions "Uniformity requirements for sending manuscripts to Coodes".

Send and receive the relevant corrections through the online delivery system, implies being in accordance with Coodes' policies and among other points agree with the following ethical and rigorous aspects:

  • The submitted manuscript is original and has not been previously published nor is it being evaluated for publication in another journal. It will be attached as a complementary file in the shipment (step 4) Letter of originality
  • The manuscript complies with all Coodes publication guidelines.
  • The manuscript complies with the bibliographic and style requirements indicated in the "Uniformity requirements for sending manuscripts to Coodes".
  • The documents cited in the manuscript are issued by authoritative sources such as: prestigious organizations recognized by national or international organizations; refereed national or international scientific journals; repositories, as well as books and other documents that offer elements that identify responsible authors or editors with the published contents.
  • The main author of the manuscript is responsible for all its contents and declares that there are no plagiarism, conflicts of interest or ethical conflicts, freeing Coodes of any ethical and legal commitment.
Coodes provides free and immediate access to its contents. This means that the authors transfer the copyright to Coodes, so that copies and distribution of the contents can be made by any means, as long as the recognition of their authors is maintained, the works are not used commercially and no modification is made to its contents without prior authorization.


Sending of manuscripts

As part of the shipping process, the authors are required to indicate that their shipment complies with all the elements listed below, and that they know that shipments that do not comply with these instructions can be returned to the author.


The author or author who forwards the shipment to Coodes, CERTIFIES:

  • That each one of the persons who in the same record as author or author has directly contributed to the intellectual content of the work, approves the contents of the manuscript submitted to the editorial process and agrees to have his / her name appear in the authorship of the manuscript.
  • That the petition has not been previously published, is not in the process of being reviewed in another journal, nor is it included in another work accepted for publication by another publisher.
  • That in the event that the content has been presented in a communication or congress, the current petition supposes a substantial modification of this and the text on which it is based has been suitably cited. On this circumstance an explanation is provided to the publisher in the appropriate place of the submission form (box "Comments to the editor")..
  • That each one of the people who are the author or author commits not to submit this work for consideration of another publication while it is in the editorial process in Coodes.
  • That the contribution of those persons who, not being signatories or responsible for the final version, have contributed substantially to the development of the work and have granted their permission for such work have been acknowledged in a note of the article, by way of thanks. mention.
  • That the data and publications on which the information contained in the work is based, or that have had a relevant influence, have been cited in the text and in the list of bibliographic references, taking responsibility, as far as copyright is concerned. refers, of any litigation or claim related to intellectual property rights, exempting Coodes from liability.
  • Likewise, the author or author who refers the work must confirm compliance with the following points:
  • The text complies with the bibliographic and style requirements indicated in the "Uniformity requirements for sending manuscripts to Coodes".
  • If the text has been assigned to a section of the journal subject to peer review (see section policy), it has ensured that it follows the indications set forth in Ensuring a blind review.
  • The file sent is in DOC or DOCX format.
  • Wherever possible, the web addresses and the DOI have been added in the references.



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