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The correspondence with regard to the national and international subscriptions should go to:
Ediciones Cubanas, Apartado Postal 605,
Obispo 527 altos, esquina a Bernaza, La Habana Vieja,
La Habana, Cuba.
Teléfono: (537) 863 1989
Fax: (537) 866 8943

The cost of an annual subscription is of:
42,00 US dollar in America of the North
42,00 US dollar in America of the South
48,00 US dollar in Europe
54,00 US dollar in the world rest

The national annual subscriptions will be formalized by means of money order, for the cost of 28,00 CUC (convertible Cuban peso).
For further information on the magazine directs their correspondence to:

Director de la Revista Ciencias Técnicas Agropecuarias

Apartado Postal 18-19, San José de las Lajas

Mayabeque, Cuba.


All the subscriptions and address changes should be sent below to the address.

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Apartado Postal 18-19, San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque, Cuba.
CP: 32700 Tel.: (47) 86-4346