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Basic information

The journal Ingeniería Energética, edited by the Technological University of Havana, José Antonio Echeverría, Cujae, of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES), is a peer-reviewed scientific publication, founded in October 1977. It is registered as an electronic publication in the National Registry of Serial Publications with No. 1958, Folio 53, Volume III and ISSN 1815-5901, complying with a four-monthly frequency. From 2023 the frequency will be quarterly.


Energetic Engineering is a peer-reviewed scientific journal whose main objective is to disseminate among the members of the academic and professional community of engineering and basic sciences, the results of scientific and technological research carried out in the fields and specialties focused on the energy, fundamentally: the development of technologies, studies on energy policy and management, as well as the under- and postgraduate training of engineers in energy issues.


In our journal, the review process of the articles that is applied is the open arbitration system for which it has an important group of specialists from all over the country and from other institutions in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, which allow to ensure the quality of the works that are published, even when the criteria expressed in these works are not the responsibility of the journal, but of the authors, in a process of information transparency, for the sector that requires it.


Consequently, the Energetic Engineering journal is considered a bulwark of the scientific and technical policy of our University, for which the articles published in it are aligned with the continuous improvement of the processes related to the energy sector of Cuban society, and of the rest of the international scientific community.

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Open access policy


The Energetic Engineering journal provides immediate free access to its content, under the principle of free research availability to the public, for a greater exchange of global knowledge.


The contents of the magazine are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 Unported License. This means that their copying and distribution by any means is allowed, as long as they maintain the recognition of their authors and no commercial use is made of the works.


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• Technological University of Havana, José Antonio Echeverría, Cujae, Havana, Cuba.


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Facultad de Eléctrica,
Centro de Investigaciones y Pruebas Electroenergética, CIPEL,
Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana
José Antonio Echeverría, Cujae.
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Marianao 15. La Habana. CP 19390. Cuba.
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