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Energy Engineering magazine, published by the Higer Higher Polytechnic Institute "Jose Antonio Echeverria" (Cujae) of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) is a refereed scientific journal, founded in October 1977. It is registered as electronic publishing on the National Register of serials with No. 1958, Folio 53, Volume III and ISSN 1815-5901, being issued every four months (January-April, May-August, and September-December). It is published with the required frequency on PDF format, besides it provides immediate free access to its content. It was first paper printed until 2007 with (RNPS 0102) ISSN 0253-5645.

Energy Engineering magazine founded by the Faculties of Electrical  and Mechanical Engineering, includes topics such as operation, protection and maintenance of electrical systems, the components of such systems including insulation, electrical machines and drives industry applied, electronics , electrical measurements, industrial electrical projects, reactor physics, dosimetry, conventional power plants and  alternatives renewable energy sources for electricity generation, as well as issues relating to the use of new edge technologies such as the computer science and artificial intelligence applied to the energy field, and with the presence of topics on graduate and postgraduate training of electricians and mechanical engineers.

Energy Engineering Magazine is characterized by an arbitration and blind review of papers submitted by their authors, this is done by a large group of specialists from all  around the country  cooperating with other institutions in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, in order to guarantee the quality of the papers presented, even if the criteria expressed in these papers are not the responsibility of the magazine, but the opinion of the authors, disclosed in a process of information transparency of for the readers interested in energy related issues.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Energy Engineering Magazine is considered a scientific bulwark of the Cuban Revolution, its scientific and technical policy itself and the CUJAE, so the articles published in it seek continuous improvement of processes related to the energy sector of Cuban society, and the rest of the international scientific community.


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Directory of Open Access Journals - DOAJ,
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Cuba Ciencia,
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library (San José State University)
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Publishing production

  • Intellectual Property.
    Original papers submitted to the editorial committee Energetic Engineering Magazine for its possible publication, should not be sent to any other magazine editorial board. When using pictures which have been previously published in a submitted original paper, the author of the submitted paper must have express permission to reproduce the pictures. The papers which have been accepted by the editorial committee for publication become intellectual property of the Energetic Engineering Magazine. The Editorial Committee has the rights to introduce style corrections and modifications which consider necessary in the final aproved paper.
  • Articles' Submission:
    A letter of request is submitted to the Editorial Comittee of the Energetic Engineering Magazine requiring the evaluation to be considered for publication. The request letter should include the title of the work, authors´ full name, and signature of each one. In such request authors must not only point out that the submitted article is their intellectual property but they accept the Rules of Ethic as well as the Publication Request of their article.
    There is a document of Author´s Rights Endowment where it is stated that they grant the permanent rights over the submitted article to the Energetic Engineering Magazine to be published and shared out as they judge. On the other hand, authors declare that the submitted article has never been published neither partially or completely for evaluation or publication in any other magazine
    Send by email:
    Works must be include in attached archive to the presentation message . It must be send to,,

    Presentation of articles:
    The article will be sent to the Editorial Board via e-mail. Please attach:
    - A letter of request addressed to the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Energy Engineering requiring the evaluation to be considered for publication. The letter should include the title, the full name of the authors and the signature of each. In that application authors should note that the article presented is intellectual property and accept the ethical obligations of the authors and Application Publication.pdf
    - Document Transfer of Copyright, where proof that yield permanent rights to the Journal of Energy Engineering for publication and dissemination as prescribed by the journal is left. Furthermore, the authors attest that the article has not been submitted or in part, or entirely for evaluation or publication in another revista.pdf
    - Policies Regarding the contribution of the authors: All authors of a manuscript must have contributed significantly to the development of research in all or most of its phases. To protect the integrity of authorship of the work, only the professionals who have collaborated in the research or project and preparation of the article will be listed as co-authors. Lead author attests to the fact that it included all co-authors to submit the request for publication.
    All co-authors must have revised the article, agree with the order of their names, with the final form and content and be in a position to publicly defend its content. When applying article publishing the Editorial Board assumes that this has been accomplished under the moral responsibility of the author shipping.
    Partial contributions only some phases credited the inclusion of their names in the Acknowledgments section, but do not justify authorship of the article.
    In the Acknowledgments section the authors must attribute the respective credits to all persons and institutions who have contributed to the research, including students. Similarly, sources of financing or logistical support that made his work possible be recognized.
    The author should present changes in the content of their work after it has been accepted and has returned to perform the proposed corrections. If there is a compelling reason to make changes to the author must inform the Editorial Board who has the authority to approve or disapprove the proposed changes. Editors may request justification from the participation of all authors if authoring numerous articles or in other cases where this is required información.pdf

    Entries must be included in an attachment to the message submission thereof. Email is:,

  • Peer review
    To ensure a high quality of content, all published papers will be refereed by peers related to specialist area of knowledge of the contribution. The average time it provides for the review will be about 1 month. The principles to select the reviewers are experienced professionals with adequate performance of both the faculty of Electrical Engineering and the production and services. Preferably PhDs.
  • Vision
    The Journal of Energy Engineering is intended as a publication in electronic format. It aims to promote communication and exchange among the community of working professionals the thematic Power system engineering, Thermal Energy and renewables. Chasing show results from scientific research techniques, relevance, innovation and significant contributions to performance in the profession.
  • Mission
    Provide the dissemination of research and projects as well as educational, scientific and technical energy engineering in the country and the world experiences. Thus the magazine contributes to updating and feedback from professionals and students, as well as discussion and scientific exchange.


About free access Policy

Energy Engineering journal grants immediate free access to its content, based on the principle of free availability to the public research for a better global exchange of information.

The contents are distributed under a non commercial license, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 Unported License, meaning that copies are allowed as long as the authors are acknowledged and its contents are not used commercially.

The online journal has open access and free.



The publication of this journal is financially supported by:

  • Higher Polytechnic Institute José Antonio Echeverría, Cujae, La habana, Cuba.


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The online journal has open and free access.


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