Scielo RSS <![CDATA[Revista Cubana de Enfermería]]> vol. 32 num. 2 lang. en <![CDATA[SciELO Logo]]> <![CDATA[<b>Level of knowledge and risk factors predisposing Cumanayagua women to cervical-uterine cancer</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Accomplishment of nursing activities in the prevention of pressure ulcers</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Sleep patterns in nursing students at Public State University</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Effectiveness of an educational intervention regarding knowledge on responsible sexuality in women with intellectual disability</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Transcultural adaptation, validity and reliability of the Environmental Stress Questionnaire</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Nursing care quality assessment at the International Clinic of Trinidad Village</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Hospital safety management in children care facilities</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Education for health and nursing actions</b>: <b>an articulation in preconception risk control</b>]]> <![CDATA[Self-reported diseases of the aged adult: differences between the urban and rural areas]]> <![CDATA[<b>Effectives of an educational intervention about care-givers' knowledge for preventing mistreatment of the aged adult</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Production of subjectivity of persons involved in the interview of organs donation</b>: <b>a view from nursing</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>The tuberculin test and the "invisible" nursing work</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Nursing professional training and guidance</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Mother's perception of the weight of the preschooler child's with overweight-obesity</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Benchmarking in nursing quality assessment</b>]]>