Scielo RSS <![CDATA[Revista de Ciencias Médicas de Pinar del Río]]> vol. 20 num. 3 lang. en <![CDATA[SciELO Logo]]> <![CDATA[<b>The</b><strong> </strong><b>understanding about </b><strong>the </strong><b>purpose of a biomedical journal</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>The need of a medical science promoter research to encourage the scientific production</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>The</b><strong> </strong><b>research training</b><strong> </strong><b>of</b><strong> </strong><b>medical students</b><strong>: the gap </strong><b>between the formal</b><strong> </strong><b>curriculum and</b><strong> </strong><b>the hidden curriculum</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Special Recognition by the Provincial Council of Health Scientific Societies of Pinar del Río</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>The homeopathic treatment in the typical vascular headache</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Temporomandibular joint dysfunctions in a dentistry emergency service</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Nasal and pharyngeal asymptomatic carriers of <i>Staphylococcus aureus</i>in pediatric-hospital workers</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Need for prosthetic rehabilitation in the health area of Abel Santamaria Cuadrado provincial university hospital</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Fecal occult blood test: a valuable aid in the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Educational potential of the content of Defense Preparedness subject to conduct the political- ideological work</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Analysis of Internal Medicine syllabus</b>]]> <![CDATA[<strong>Using graphics in Cuban medical journals</strong>]]> <![CDATA[<b>History of the monument and bust erected to honor Dr. Leon Cuervo Rubio in Pinar del Rio</b>]]> <![CDATA[<strong>Historical sketch of Pedro Raul Sanchez Rodriguez Teaching Polyclinic </strong>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Experiences in the training of Family-Community Medicine in Cotopaxi province </b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Situs inversus totalis diagnosed at the Spanish Bolivian Hospital in Patacamaya, Bolivia</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Behavior of diabetes mellitus in the popular medical office Ayacucho 1 Maracaibo, Zulia </b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Facial diplegia as a presentation of Guillain-Barré syndrome </b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Gallbladder volvulus: contemporary demographic outlook </b>]]> <![CDATA[<strong>Cutaneous larva migrans: a clinical case</strong>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Immunodeficiencies and Down syndrome</b>]]>