Scielo RSS <![CDATA[Revista Habanera de Ciencias Médicas]]> vol. 17 num. 2 lang. en <![CDATA[SciELO Logo]]> <![CDATA[<b>Achievements and Challenges  in Primary Health Care in Cuba</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Margarita Valdés-Dapena Vivanco, a</b> <b>bulwark of Microbiology and Medical Parasitology in Cuba</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Jimma, the first Medical School founded by Cuba in the African horn</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>DNA damage and repair capacity in patients with non-small cell lung cancer treated with polychemotherapy</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Burning Mouth Syndrome in patients treated in</b> <b>"Freyre de Andrade"Clinical Surgical Teaching Hospital, 2009-2014</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Immune-nutritional status of celiac adults treated at the Institute of Gastroenterology, 2016-2017</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>The management of Arterial hypertension as a research variable</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Smoking and its relation to cardiovascular diseases</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>LRINEC scale in necrotizing fasciitis. A useful diagnostic tool?</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Effectiveness of alveolar preservation techniques for prosthetic and impant-prosthetic rehabilitations</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Distomolar Supernumerary in the mandibular ramus associated with a dentigerous cyst.  A case presentation</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>The scientific problem in original articles published in Cuban biomedical journals</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Difficulty and discrimination of ordinary exams in the Subject: Cells, Tissues, and Integumentary System in Basic Sciences</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Characterization of child abuse in dysfunctional families of "Ana Betancourt" Polyclinic.  January - June, 2017</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Dependence on alcohol, dual pathology and neurocognitive functioning: A necessary review</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Integrated management for patient safety and quality of health care</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Proposal for evaluating the quality and functioning of Scientific Journals in Health Sciences</b>]]> <![CDATA[<b>Risk factors associated with sepsis of vascular access in patients undergoing hemodialysis</b>]]>