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 SciELO   SciELO Cuba is a net of Cuban scientific journals grouped under selection criteria. This on line scientific electronic journal library is part of the Net SciELO from Ibero-America.

In Cuba, the scientific library is managed by Information National Center of Medical Sciences (Infomed) and it is financed by the Ministery of Public Health. It also receives cooperation from the Higher Education Ministery, the Ministery of Science, Technology and Environment and the Pan American Health Organization (HPO/WHO).

The project comprises the development of a common methodology for preparing, storaging, disseminating and evaluating the scientific literature in electronic format.

With the development of the project, new titles are added to the library colection.

The Latin American participation in this program is very important for editing scientific journals in electronic format. Its main objective is to contribute to the spreading of scientific literature written in each country, as well as to improve and increase the visibility of publications in the region.

 about this site   

This is the home page of SciELO Cuba web site.

The objective of the site is to implement and electronic library which can give complete access to a journal collection, to a collection of individual journals, as well as to the works full text. Access either to journals or to works can be obtained using index or search formularies.

For a Cuban scientific journal to be part of this net, it must fulfil the established admission and permanence criteria.


The interface SciELO gives access to the journal collection through and alphabetic list of titles, a list of subjects of the search through the words in the title of the journal, editing entities and the publication city.

This interface also makes possible the access to the full text of works through the authors and subject indexes, as well as through the search using the different elements in the work such as, names of authors, title, subject, or through the words in the text of the scientific work.

Select an hypetext link to have access to the page interesting you.


Creative Commons License All the contents of, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License

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