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Biotecnología Aplicada
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Table of contents
Biotecnol Apl vol.35 no.2 La Habana Apr.-June 2018

 ·  Present and future of CRISPR/Cas systems in Biotechnology
Viedma, Inmaculada

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 ·  Analysis of genetic polymorphism in wild Nicotiana species and Cuban cultivated tobacco (Solanaceae) through AFLP
Domínguez, Yoannis; Peréz-Álvarez, Sandra; Magallanes-Tapia, Marco A; Chávez-Medina, Jesús Alicia; Héctor-Ardisana, Eduardo F

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 ·  Influence of plant growth promoting bacteria in seed yields of super-elite sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam) in the field
Pérez-Pazos, Jazmín V; Sánchez-López, Diana B

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 ·  Evaluation of the bioformulate and raw filtrate of Purpureocillium sp. strain Udea0106 on plant pathogenic nematodes in chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora) crops
Sánchez, Jessica Y; Cardona, Nadya L

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 ·  First report on the involvement of sulfated N-glycans and protein content of Hylesia metabus urticating setae in lepidopterismand the insect’s possible mechanisms of defense
Cabrera, Gleysin; González, Luis J; Lundberg, Ulf; Salazar, Víctor; Struwe, Weston; Harvey, David; Montesino, Raquel; Portela, Madelón; Vonasek, Eva; Antoine, Lesur; Tambara, Yanet; Herrera, Melfrán; Domon, Bruno; Durán, Rosario; Rodríguez-Ulloa, Arielis; Méndez, Milagros del Valle; Rincón, Mónica; León, Evelyn; González-Hernández, Annia; Machado, Wendy; Palomares, Sucel; Espinosa, Luis Ariel; Ramos, Yassel; Triguero, Ada; Besada, Vladimir

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 ·  B cells and CD8+ T cells interaction during the establishment of an anti-idiotypic response against the syngeneic monoclonal antibody P3
Martínez-Bedoya, Darel; Hernández-Vázquez, Ana M; Rondón-Corrales, Teresa; Griñán-Ramirez, Tania; Rodríguez-Zhurbenko, Nely; Pupo-Meriño, Amaury; Cabrera-López, Lianet; Raymond-Pous, Judith; Vázquez-Gallo, Ana M; Pérez-Rodríguez, Rolando

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