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Revista de Ciencias Médicas de Pinar del Río
On-line version ISSN 1561-3194


Table of contents
Rev Ciencias Médicas vol.20 no.6 Pinar del Río Oct.-Dec. 2016

 ·  The privilege of being able to grow old and continue to participate
Hernández Valdés, René

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Burnout Syndrome in health care professionals from Pinar del Río?
González Rodríguez, Raidel

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Standardization of a model of colon cancer in BALB/c mice
Herrera de la Uz, María del Carmen; Hernández Rodríguez, Yunit; Rodríguez Peguero, Isvet; Guerra Paredes, Mirian; Lemus Sarracino, Agustín

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Levels of enzymatic lactate dehydrogenaseactivity in patients suffering from oral cancer
Laborí Puentes, Norma

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Morbidity of epidermoid carcinoma of the tongue in Pinar del Río, 2000 -2016
Pérez Hernández, Alexei; Carmona Fernández, Ernesto; Velazquez Martínez, Aurora

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Clinical-epidemiological characterization of transfusions
Diaz Padilla, Dianelys; Melians Abreu, Silvia María; Padrino González, Maday; González Fajardo, Ivette; Urquiola Mariño, Madelyn

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Software for the management of clinical history in Comprehensive Dentistry Care
Pérez Ayala, Danisbel; Hernández Castro, Yusnay; Álvarez Osorio, Carlos Adam; Álvarez Sánchez, Yaniel; Rodríguez Fuego, María del Carmen

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  An educational multimedia design on Health Care Statistics for the discipline of Hygiene and Epidemiology
Cruz Marquez, Darianna

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Research experience in professors training professional values in medical science students
Trujillo Saínz, Zenobia de la Caridad

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Diagnosis in children with autism spectrum disorders: their development in text comprehension
Aguiar Aguiar, Giselvis; Mainegra Fernández, 1Deborah; García Reyes, Olivia; Hernández Fonticiella, Yenira

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Characterization of the psychological status of children left-behind for their parents as a consequence of migration
Domínguez Jiménez, Yeimy; Gutiérrez Iglesias, 1Daimadelys; León Veloz, Leidy

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  A Speech Therapy Laboratory for the attention to dysphonia from the initial and permanent formation
Valdés Valdés, Ana Isis; Fernández Pérez de Alejo, Gudelia; Perojo Martínez, Daymara Amelia; Castro Pérez, Gresin; Martínez García, Arelys

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Pregnant with osteogenesis imperfect type IV, one case
García Odio, Amado; Rives González, Yanisel; Álvarez Bolivar, Daymeris

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Bilateral cataractdue to ionizing radiation in a patient with acute myeloid leukemia
Garcia Concha, Yanet; Pérez González, Henry; Campo Díaz, Mirta Caridad

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Use of in vivo confocal microscopy for the diagnosis of corneal dystrophies
Cabrera Ventura, Osmaiyadan; Martínez Rodriguez, 1Rodolfo; Correa Fernández, 2Ángel; Díaz Perez, 3Alexei

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Dr. Jesús Antonio Juan Rodríguez 30 dic 1951 - 24 dic 2016
Pérez Labrador, Joaquín H

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )

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