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Arquitectura y Urbanismo is a refereed journal published quarterly in electronic format by the Faculty of Architecture of the “Instituto Superior Politécnico Jose Antonio Echeverria”, Havana, Cuba.

Certified as a scientific- technical journal by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, Architecture and Urbanism publishes papers on the different scales of urban and architectural design, as well as their relationships with industrial and graphic design and the visual arts. The journal devotes particular attention to the results of research related to the problems of habitat, recovery of built heritage and the built environment in developing countries. He is also interested in issues relating to training in the field of architecture and urbanism.

The magazine is funded by contributions from teachers and researchers from the Schools of Architecture of Havana, Las Villas, Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba, but usually receives professional work of other prestigious institutions both Cuban and foreign.

The main sections of the magazine are

  • With Criteria: Presents original results of scientific work within the profile of architecture and urbanism and its relations with other related branches of design and visual arts.
  • The Kingdom of This World: Includes reflections, essays, interviews, project descriptions, reviews and reports on various issues of professional interest.
  • Academic: presents assessments of curricula, teaching experiences and theoretical aspects related to the teaching of architecture, urban planning and other design.


Disseminate the results of research in the fields of architecture and urbanism developed in Cuba and elsewhere. Promote the exchange of ideas on issues of architecture and urbanism, conservation, habitat in developing countries, sustainability and other topics. Promote the debate on education, training, curriculum design and development of teaching experiences.


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It is also certified as a scientific journal by the Ministry of Science and Innovation Technology and Environment of Cuba

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Catálogo de Revistas Iberoamericanas de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (Alcalá de Henares, 1993).
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