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Scope and policy

The works that do not adjust to these instructions will be sent back to the authors so that they might resolve the specified problems for a further approval. The fact of sending a certain work for its editorial review does not guarantee its inclusion in a journal edition. The author should deal with the comments and recommendations made by the publishing edition and the valuation of the adviser. For this purpose he or she has 15 days in order to guarantee its publication. Likewise he should revise the work very carefully in order to avoid being corrected by the adviser. After that time if the author has not sent the work with the corrections made, the work will be rejected by the Publishing Board. Later on, the author should correct the specified problems and present two copies of the article.

The publishing board will keep all the rights on the original published works. For its total or in part reproduction our journal should be cited and two copies of the work should be sent to our address.

It is a mandatory requirement to deliver a letter of presentation signed by all the authors as an evidence of their active participation in it. This letter can be handed in personally or sent by mail and it should state:
1. That the work has not been published before, including the CD-ROM
2. That the author takes responsibility with the used medical terminology and with the context of the work after being typed.
3. That all the authors sign their authorship responsibility.

The journal publishes five types of articles: Originals, Reviews, Case Reports, Communications, and Letters to the editor.
Original Article: these are investigations carried out in the health sciences field about biomedical, health care, teaching and social aspects. They should come from a financed project. (See article)
Review article: The author should consult with the director of the journal before submitting the article. A brief summary is admitted. Its maximum length will be of 12 pages. The number of bibliographic references should be of no less than 25 and no more than 50, with a 90% updating of the last five years.
Case Reports: These are reports about patients, techniques or some other new information that the author should present for its publication. (See article)
Communications: These are short works in which the author states in a brief and didactic way topics of interest about a specific scientific field, with new aspects that reflect the author's point of view. Its maximum length will be of 4 pages and with no more than 10 bibliographic strips. Only three authors are admitted.

Letters to the Editor: These are aimed to the fast publication of a certain finding of connotation or that by its controversial nature might foster the scientific debate. This work should not exceed four pages and 10 bibliographic strips. Only three authors are admitted.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Work presentation
Manuscripts should be prepared using Microsoft Word with 12-pt. characters in Arial script. ALL OTHER ELECTRONIC VERSIONS WILL BE REJECTED.
These articles will be typed in white paper, double-spaced; margins should have the following measures: superior and inferior 2, 5 cm, left and right 3 cm respectively, with a total of 28 to 30 lines per sheet of paper, written on only one face, without obliterations or hand corrections. All the pages will be numbered consecutively with Arabian, starting from the first page.
First page: It will present the name in capital letters of the institution that sponsors the work, the kind of work, the title –should not exceed 15 words- full name of the authors, ordered according to their participation, separated by commas and numbered with a super index that indicates his/her scientific degree, teaching or investigating rank of each author, e-mail in case they have it, telephone, address and work place. The name, address and telephone that did the statistical work should be informed. The author that takes responsibility for the publication and correspondence is appointed here.
Abbreviations and acronyms. The first time an abbreviation or acronym is mentioned in the text, the full term should be given, starting from the introduction. They will not be used in titles or summaries. Only those of international use can be mentioned.

International System of Units (SI). All the clinical laboratory findings will be informed using units admitted by the International System of Units (SI). For example: blood glucose: 5,55 mmol/L (100 mg/100 ml).

Bibliographic references: they will be revised by the librarians of each center. They will be elaborated according to the current Vancouver Style, with an updating of 80% of the last five years with respect to journals and 10 years to books. In the review articles a 90% update is required. As source they should have indexed journals. They should appear cited in the text and they will be related according to the order of appearance. They will be typed double-spaced and on a separate sheet.

The recommendations contained in the uniform Requirements to prepare the manuscripts that are proposed for publishing in biomedical journals will be followed. These recommendations are made by the International Committee of Medical Journals Editors.


Sending of manuscripts

Along with the printed work a copy of it in electronic version should be sent (floppy disk, CD-Rom, Flash memory, etc). All the works should be sent to:
Gricel Yeras García, B.A
Tunia Gil Hernández, B.A

Instituto Superior de Ciencias Médicas de Villa Clara
Centro Provincial de Información de Ciencias Médicas
Departamento de Gestión de la Información
Carr. de Acueducto y Circunvalación. Post Office Box 860
Santa Clara, CP 50100. Villa Clara, CUBA.
To communicate through the telephone you should call: 273765

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