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ALCANCE, the Cuban Journal of Information and Communication, is an electronic scientific publication designed for researchers, academics, students and all those social actors that make up the professional sector or remain linked to areas related to the field of info-communication, both in Cuba, Latin America as in the rest of the world, publish and share their inquiries.
Among its main objectives, the publication aims to:
- Promote an academic space, with national and international impact, that allows the dissemination and promotion of information and communication research.
-Articulate a space of interdisciplinary reflection based on the thematic interests of the publication, which enhances the integration between the academic work and the different areas of action of the professionals of Information and Communication.
The texts that are presented must be understood as the result of the incessant search and the intellectual effort to account for the current state of our disciplines. In this regard, it is the first attempt at dialogue and integration, in our country, of scientific production and research advances in the fields of Information and Communication, in line with its latest trends and with the possibility of promoting work of key exponents of its development in the international field.
The prioritized sphere of production of scientific knowledge of the publication comprises, in a general way, the following thematic axes:
- Theoretical Studies of Communication and Information
-Socio-historical studies of communication and information
-Communication and Information for development.
-Communication and Information in organizations.
-Languages and discourses of information and communication.
-Training and professional performance.
- Information and communication systems and policies.
-Trends and impacts of ICT.
-Information and communication for the government.
-Reception, consumption and human interaction with information and communication.
-Information, Communication and Culture.
Information and communication as conceptual axes of the publication are conceived in their broadest sense as fields of research whose disciplinary status has been in constant debate; and where they manage to develop, however, several areas of professional performance (Journalism, Organizational Communication, Public Relations, Advertising, Information Sciences, Librarianship, Archivology, Documentation and Museology) that help to delimit the scope of our approaches to the object of analysis common to both domains of knowledge.
Communication is understood in this sense as the social process through which individuals, groups and institutions produce and exchange information, comprehending in a general way the latter as a mediating process / product in the constitution of the sociality of the subjects through the search, accumulation and transmission of knowledge.


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