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The journal Ingeniería Hidráulica y Ambiental, published by the Cuban Ministry of Universitary Education-MES and edited by the Centro de Investigaciones Hidráulicas of the Civil Engineering Faculty of the Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría-Cujae, is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with a four-month periodicity, published since the 1968 year. It provides open direct access to all of its contents. It is registered in the National Serial Publications Register (RNPS 2066) with an ISSN 1815-591X.

Hydraulic engineers, researchers, teachers and professionals in general, working in any branch of hydraulic and environmental engineering or in any related science or technology constitute the universe of readers and contributors of the journal.

Original works of theoretical and technological research as well as study cases are admitted for publication in the following fields: Basic hydraulics and hydraulic conduits, Surface and groundwater hydrology, Water resources management and economics, Hydraulic networks, Sanitary engineering, River engineering, Maritime and coastal engineering, Hydraulic works and structures, Irrigation and drainage, Pumping stations.

Provide widespread distribution of research works and projects, teaching experiences as well as scientific and technical results from all branches of hydraulic and environmental engineering in the country and abroad.

To become a reference journal in Hydraulic Engineering in the Spanish speaking world.

To make knowledge available from original scientific works in all branches of Hydraulic Engineering in order to make a contribution to the improvement of research, capacity development and teaching.
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All the contents of the journal Ingeniería Hidráulica y Ambiental are distributed under a use and distribution license "Creative Commons Reconocimiento-No Comercial 3.0 España" (CC-by-nc). From here the informative version and the legal text of the license can be consulted. This circumstance should be explicitly stated in this way whenever it becomes necessary.


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