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Scope and policy

The Industrial Engineering journal publishes original papers about scientific and technological research related to: work and production organization, ergonomics, safety and occupational health, management, quality, industrial statistics, operational research, logistics, human resources management, knowledge management, and business informatics. Furthermore, it includes papers regarding artificial intelligence and other applications, as well as factory projects.

For the selection of the articles to publish, the Editorial Committee evaluates the papers that has been submitted according to their correspondence to the stated theme, the originality and novelty, content and structure quality, topicality and importance of the references and the follow of the standards established by the journal publication. If an article does not respect these requirements, it may be rejected or returned to the authors to be rewritten. Only are welcome to pass the review process, articles that respect these requirements.

The Industrial Engineering journal has established a policy of academic peer review, under double-blind mode. This means that once an article is received, the Committee selects a couple editorial reviewers to evaluate, on an anonymous and disinterested way, its scientific quality according to the established criteria.

The evaluators are peers in both knowledge of the subject, and grades, level of education, recognition and academic reputation of the author subject to assessment. The journal has a Reviewers Committee, consisting of 75 professionals from different fields of Industrial Engineering, with over 60 % from outside the Cujae institutions, both national and international.

The recommendation resulting from this academic opinion may include:

  • Accept: Accepted for publication in its original form
  • Revisions are needed: Accepted with optional tips
  • Forward for review: The author must do some necessary modifications
  • Rejected

The main reasons that lead to the rejection of an article by the reviewers are referring to: the lack of originality and scientific development, the unreliability of the methods and procedures used, and the low quality and poor update references.

In the case of disagreement between the two designated reviewers, it will make use of a third reviewer, whose decision shall, together with the Editorial Committee, if the article is published or not. The results of this process are final and all the time, the Editorial Committee, as well as experts who review the manuscript, ensure special care to maintain the ethical standards set and avoiding conflicts of interests.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

The journal publishes the following documents:

  • Editorial. Document written by the editor, a member of the Editorial Committee or a guest researcher for the content present in the journal and an impact event or activity of national or international significance, in the date that is published the journal issue.
  • Articles of scientific and technological research. These documents present, in detail, the original results of research projects completed.

All articles must be original and unpublished, in Spanish language. We do not accept articles that have been previously published or under consideration by another national or foreign journal Editorial Board.

To submit a paper it is necessary to follow the content and format guidelines specified in the Instructions for submission of articles in the Industrial Engineering journal.


Sending of manuscripts

The article submission processes is carried out via on-line through the website of the journal (, for which the main author or the designated primary contact for the editorial correspondence should be registered as "author" and complete the steps of the submission process.

As part of the documentation attached to the article, the document "Declaration of originality and copyright assignment" should be sent to the journal Editorial Committee, and it must be signed by all authors.

Thanks to the journal management and publishing software we use (Open Journal Systems), the author will be able to follow the progress of his article through the stages of the editorial process.

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