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The Pinar del Rio Journal of Medical Sciences is a specialized electronic publication by the Province Center of Information at Pinar del Rio University of Medical Sciences. It was created in 1997 from a former printed publication that initiated its circulations in 1986, it is aimed at satisfying the need to socialize the scientific information for the health science professionals or personnel related to the health sciences from the achievements reached and the experiences in the teaching-learning process, researches and other relevant activities for the development of public health in the university, the network of institutions in the province and collaborations abroad.

It is published in electronic format with a bimonthly edition, producing six numbers every year.

The articles and opinions published in this journal are of authors’ exclusive responsibility and they neither reflect the institution nor the editorial committee necessarily. The works are chosen and reviewed by an editorial committee and specialists through peer review management. The electronic manuscripts and the authors have an adequate ethical treatment during the editorial process online and the authors are notified of the rejections.

Pinar del Rio Journal of Medical Sciences follows a peer review policy of the scientific articles the authors send, always following the publication standards. In every case, the process of review protects the authors and experts reviewing the manuscripts, a special care is kept with the ethical rules established and as a precaution of conflict of interests.

The authors registered should follow the process of their works online from their profiles upholding the information of the process, up to the acceptance or rejection of the work by means of electronic communication with the editors. The manuscripts will be anonymously reviewed by qualified experts in the object of study and/or the methodology used. The editorial team of the journal reserves the right to refuse the articles which do not apply to its publication.

Before the publication in the Journal’s Website, they will be temporarily available for the authors by electronic mail in the section pre-visualized number for them to participate in the review of their content and correction, to be returned at the earliest convenience, if any error in the text.

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Province Center of Medical Science Information, Pinar del Rio (CPICM-PR).
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University of Medical Sciences, Pinar del Rio. Cuba

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