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Basic information

Organism: Finlay Ediciones

Frequency: Quarterly

Foundation: 1992

Readers and authors: Professionals and technicians in the field of Health and Biological Sciences.

Object of study: All concerning Vaccinology. There are also included subject matters of Immunology, Adjuvants, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Epidemiology, Programs of Vaccinations, Preclinical and Clinical Trials, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Experimental Biomodels, Immunodiagnostics, Production Technologies, Validation, Quality Assurance and regulatory Aspects.

Mission: To spread the scientific results on vaccines of national and international institutions and this way to contribute to the visibility of this sector of the science in Cuba and other countries.

Ethical Issues: VacciMonitor publishes the results of research involving human subjects only if such research has been conducted in full accordance with ethical principles, including the provisions of the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki. Any manuscript describing the results of such research that is submitted for publication must contain a clear statement to this effect, specifying that the free and informed consent of the subjects or their legal guardians were obtained and that a qualified ethical review board approved the investigation. When reporting experiments on animals, authors must indicate whether the welfare of animals used in scientific experiments was taking into account, and if the institutional and national guide for the care and use of laboratory animals were followed. No responsibility is assumed by the Publisher House for the authorship of the papers, and any methods, products, instructions or ideas contained in papers.

Conflict of interest: A conflict of interest arises when a professional judgement concerning the validity of the research tends to be influenced by any self-interested motive. Authors should disclose at the time of submission information on financial conflicts of interest that may influence the manuscript. They may also declare other conflicts that could influence the results of the study or the conclusions of the manuscript.

Clinical Trials: They must be previously registered and carried out according to international requirements. Papers must include a format for results reporting, like CONSORT Guidelines.

Peer review process: Papers sent to VacciMonitor for publication are initially evaluated by the executive editor and the Editorial Board to check whether they are in accordance to the aims and scope of the Journal. Then, papers are submitted to the impartial review process. All contributions are reviewed by two high-level referees –peer review– and double-blind is guaranteed. The referees´ report must be finished in 15 days. If there is any conflict of interest, or contradictory reports, a third referee is designed. On acceptance, contributions are submitted to the author with recommendations, or general comments. The author should correct them and submit them again. Papers are reviewed again by the referees, and so on. Finally, contributions are subjected to editorial amendment to suit house style. Statistical analyses are reviewed by our referees, according to our guidelines, as well as a Biostatistician.

Manuscript submission, processing and publication are totally free.

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Finlay Institute

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Cuban Society of Immunology

Cuban Society of Pharmacology

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