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Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical
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Table of contents
Rev Cubana Med Trop vol.70 no.3 Ciudad de la Habana Sept.-Dec. 2018

 ·  Insecticide resistance in Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) strains from three districts of the Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica
Calderón-Arguedas, Ólger; Vargas, Karina; Troyo, Adriana

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 ·  Assessment of larval traps as a method of surveillance of Aedes aegypti (Diptera:Culicidae) and other culicidae
Valdés Miró, Vivian; Reyes Arencibia, Mayra; Bandomo Abreu, Noraima; Leyva Silva, Maureen; Marquetti Fernández, María del Carmen

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 ·  Genotypic prevalence of cagA and vacA in isolations of Helicobacter pylori in Colombian patients
Uribe Echeverry, Paula Tatiana; Acosta Cerquera, María Alejandra; Arturo Arias, Brenda Lucia; Jaramillo Arredondo, María Del Socorro; Betancur Pérez, Jhon Fredy; Pérez Agudelo, Juan Manuel

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 ·  Rectum/vaginal colonization by Streptococcus agalactiae in Cuban pregnant women
Armas Fernández, Anabel; Toraño Peraza, Gilda; Medina Hernández, Dailé; Orcasitas Alegría, Ana María; Fragoso Simón, Roxana

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 ·  Behavior of the surveillance of the unspecific febrile syndrome
González Fiallo, Sayli; Doeste Hernández, Victor Manuel; Moreno Gelis, Meralys; Mena Rodríguez, Idorka

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 ·  Acanthamoeba spp. and Naegleria spp. isolated from Pamplonita river, metropolitan area of Cucuta, Colombia
Duque Nossa, Victor Andrés; Gelvis Corzo, Vladimir Alejandro; Ríos Ramírez, Yesmit Karina

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 ·  Selection of a strain sensitive to insecticides of Aedes albopictus as a reference to resistance studies in this species
Bisset, Juan A; Rodríguez, María M; Piedra, Luis; Fuentes, Ilario; Martínez, Yanisley; Gutiérrez, Gladys; Hernández, Natividad; García García, Israel

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 ·  Standardization of a new variant of polimerase-hsp20 (PCR-hsp20S) chain reaction which is useful for the detection of Leishmania
Montalvo, Ana M; Fraga, Jorge; Álvarez, Lisandra; Alba, Annia; Torres, Cecia

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 ·  Sensitivity of different larval stages of Aedes albopictus (S) (Diptera: Culicidae) to infection by two species of mermithids nematodes in laboratory conditions
Menéndez Díaz, Zulema; García García, Israel; Hernández Contreras, Natividad; González Rizo, Aileen; Companioni Ibañez, Ariamys; Berovides Alvarez, Vicente

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 ·  Intestinal parasitism in populations with a high degree of vulnerability in the Colombian Caribbean
Sarmiento-Rubiano, Luz Adriana; García, Yina; Fillot, Margarita; Gómez, Lucila; Becerra, Jimmy E

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 ·  Introduction of new assays of real time polymerase's chain reaction for the diagnosis and surveillance of respiratory viruses
Martínez Muné, María Karla; Piñón Ramos, Alexander; Acosta Herrera, Belsy; Valdés Ramírez, Odalys; Muné Jiménez, Mayra; Savón Valdés, Clara; Arencibia García, Amely; González Báez, Guelsys; González Muñoz, Grehete; Oropesa Fernández, Suset; Goyenechea Hernández, Ángel; Hernández Fernández, Bárbara; Roque Orieta, Rosmery; Martínez Alonso, Javier

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in Spanish
 ·  Larval presence of Culex (Culex) interrogator (Dyar and Knab) (Diptera:Culicidae) in Cuba
Pérez Menzies, Mirtha; Cutiño Alba, Yoennis; Cid Acosta, Yainit; Torres Guayanes, Georgina; Castillo Quesada, Rosa María; Alfonso Herrera, Yuneisy; Gonzalez Broche, Raúl; Marquetti Fernández, Maria del Carmen

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in Spanish
 ·  Helicobacter pylori Lewis antigen and CagA protein, its relationship with gastritis and pepticulcer in Cuban patients
Feliciano, Onelkis; Llanes, Rafael; Gutiérrez, Oderay

        · text in Spanish
 ·  "Pedro Kouri" Tropical Medicine Institute, an institution for the humanity
Guzmán, María G

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