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Revista Cubana de Medicina General Integral
Print version ISSN 0864-2125On-line version ISSN 1561-3038


Table of contents
Rev Cubana Med Gen Integr vol.34 no.2 Ciudad de La Habana Apr.-June 2018

 ·  Macrosomic fetus and high blood pressure, a forgotten pair
Pérez Fernández, Guillermo Alberto

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Violence inflicted by the couple
Yera Alós, Isis Belkis; Medrano Allieri, Yadira Elizabeth

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Changes in knowledge about diet and anemia among cuban health professionals
Jiménez Acosta, Santa Magaly; Rodríguez Suárez, Santa Magaly; Domínguez Ayllon, Yarisa

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Perception of type 2 diabetic patients about quality and satisfaction with medical care at office
Ramos Rangel, Yamila; Morejón Suárez, Roilán; Gonzáles Brito, Monica

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Cardiovascular risk factor in nursing professionals
Gualpa Lema, María Clementina; Sacoto Naspud, Norma Teresa; Guallpa González, Miryam Janeth; Cordero Cordero, Gabriela del Rosario; Alvarez Ochoa, Robert Iván

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Educational intervention in patients with dementia and Impact on the caregiver quality of life
Ruíz Alvarez, Jesús; Capó Marrero, Lisué; Santamarina Rodríguez, Silvio José; Llanes Torres, Haydeé Mabel

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Evaluation of quality of care for the elderly in primary health care
Álvarez Lauzarique, Maria Esther; Bayarre Vea, Héctor; Pérez Piñero, Julia

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Usefulness of doppler flowmetry in preeclamptic patients with intrauterine grow restriction
Real Cotto, Jhony; Alvarado Franco, Hugo; Alvarado Álvarez, Hugo; Muñoz Solórzano, Lilian; Velasteguí Eguez, Jacqueline; Hernández Navarro, Marlene

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Risk factors for breast cancer in a family doctor's office
Mariño Membribes, Eida Rosa; Rivera Ledesma, Emilio; Padrón Olivares, Miguel Enrique; García Ramos, Diamalys; Ávalos González, María Marlén; Fornaris Hernández, Aliusca

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Homicide and family dysfunction
Padrón Galarraga, Caridad Xiomara; García Pérez, Teresita

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Participation strategies in community prevention for human leptospirosis control
Ramírez Rodríguez, Maely; Verdasquera Corcho, Denis; Sanabria Ramos, Giselda; Cabezas Alfonso, Hidelfonso

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Cancer in patients living with HIV/AIDS
Betancourt Gambino, Johan

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Important of knowing about testicular microlithiasis for the family physician
García Yánez, Alan Rafael

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Ocular trauma to an open eyeball associated with a vegetable intraocular foreign body
Chang Hernández, Mayumí; Velázquez Villares, Yolanda C; Hernández Martínez, Rocío; Santana Alas, Eva R; García Ferrer, Lainé

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Therapeutic effort adaptation in primary healthcare
Betancourt Betancourt, Gilberto de Jesús; Rivero Castillo, José Armando; Betancourt Reyes, Gilberto Lázaro

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Pregnancy is contagious
Lugones Botell, Miguel

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )

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