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Revista Cubana de Salud Pública
On-line version ISSN 1561-3127


Table of contents
Rev Cubana Salud Pública vol.43 no.2 Ciudad de La Habana Apr.-June 2017

 ·  Depression: A society's challenge we need to discuss
Morales Fuhrimann, Cristian

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Determination of risk perception of the population about hazardous chemicals
Pell del Río, Silvia Miriam; Ruiz, Alexis Lorenzo; Torres Valle, Antonio

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Factors associated to hip fracture in "Dr Salvador Allende"clinical and surgical hospital
Rego Hernández, José de Jesús; Hernández Seuret, Carlos Alberto; Andreu Fernández, Ana María; Lima Beltrán, María Luisa; Torres Lahera, Mery Leydy; Vázquez Martínez, Mylene

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Educational requirements of adolescents from Old Havana municipality in relation to sexually transmitted diseases, Cuba
Capote Rodríguez, Alexei; Martín, Alexander Ciria; García Milian, Ana Julia; Pérez Piñero, Julia Silvia

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Educational actions aimed at improving the risk perception about pregnancy in adolescents
Gómez Suárez, Rogelio Tomás; Rodríguez Hernández, Luz Marina; Gómez Sarduy, Alejando; Torres Pestana, Eumel

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Social determinants of health and quality of life of the adult population of Manizales, Colombia
García Ramírez, Jorge Alejandro; Vélez Álvarez, Consuelo

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Family violence and the notification processes according to the viewpoint of a public health professional
Saliba Garbin, Clea Adas; Wakayama, Bruno; Moreira Arcieri, Renato; Mendes de Paula, Adrielle; Isper Garbin, Artênio Jose

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Dietary habits, physical activity and nutritional state of school children with visual and hearing impairment
Osorio Murillo, Olga; Parra González, Lina Marcela; Henao Castaño, Ángela María; Fajardo Ramos, Elizabeth

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Socio-cultural gender representations and promotion of cadres in the health care sector, 2013-2016
Jorna Calixto, Ana Rosa; Véliz Martínez, Pedro Luis

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Development of research work in the public health in the post-graduate curricula
Perdomo Victoria, Irene; Salazar Morale, Mario Rodolfo; Segredo Pére, Alina María; León Cabrera, Pablo

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Selection of peer reviewers according to the Cuban medical journal editors´ perspective
Hernández, Dania Silva; Martínez Trujillo, Nelcy; del Campo Peña, Ana Dolores; Crosdale Hunt, Rebeca; Lobaina Baile, Norma; Noa Riverón, Isabel Magalys

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Access to health services: general theoretical considerations, and reflections for Cuba
Fuentes Reverón, Susset

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Economic and social determinants of mortality in Latin America
Behm Rosas, Hugo

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Multiple perspectives for the analysis of demographic aging. A requirement in the contemporary health context
Bayarre Vea, Héctor Demetrio

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )

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