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Biotecnología Aplicada
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Biotecnol Apl vol.32 no.2 La Habana Apr.-June 2015

 ·  From AZT to treatment as prevention. The evolution of antiretroviral therapy for HIV/AIDS
Duarte, Carlos A; Paneque, Taimí; Ramírez, Anna C; Casillas, Dionne; Fernández-Ortega, Celia

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 ·  Biodegradation in vitro of diesel bilge waters using a microbial native consortium isolated from Córdoba, Colombia
Mezquida, Raúl; Oviedo, Luis E; Lara, Cecilia

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 ·  Lactic acid production by Lactobacillus plantarum L10 in a cell-retention continuous culture under different cultivation strategies
Estela-Escalante, Waldir D; Estela-Escalante, Waldir D; Kumaran AP, Karthik; Dutta, Sourav; Rodríguez-Best, Angélica

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 ·  Molecular diagnosis of Fusarium spp. isolates associated to bud rot of Oil palm in Ecuador
Rivas Figueroa, Fernando; Herrera Isla, Lidcay; Borrás Hidalgo, Orlando

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 ·  Identification of putative receptor proteins in Cylas formicarius ssp. elegantulus midgut BBMVs for the Cry3Aa toxin of Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. tenebrionis
Alvarez, Irene María; Morán, Rolando; González, Luis Javier; Ramos, Yassel; Rabassa, Mauricio; de la Torre, Dainier; Usatorres, Bárbaro; Verde, Yordanka; Somonte, Danalay; Falcón, Viviana; González, Sirenia; Kourí, Juan; Díaz, Mario; Fandiño, Yosbel

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 ·  Parenteral delivery of the vaccine candidate TERAVAC-HIV-1 bypasses pre-existing immune response to the hepatitis B virus antigens in mice
Iglesias, Enrique; García, Daymir; Aguilar, Julio C

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 ·  Scale-up of the polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis-reverse staining-extrusion-passive elution technique for the straightforward recovery of milligrams of recombinant proteins
Hardy, Eugenio; Quintana, Diógenes; Pentón, Giselle; del Carmen Abrahantes, María

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 ·  Protective capacity of vaccine candidates against dengue virus type 2 based on the capsid protein and the oligodeoxynucleotide 39M
Marcos, Ernesto; Gil, Lázaro; Hermida, Lisset; Izquierdo, Alienys; Guillén, Gerardo; Guzmán, María Guadalupe; Lazo, Laura; Valdés, Iris; Álvarez, Mayling; Suzarte, Edith; Ramírez, Rosa; Castro, Jorge; Pérez, Yusleidi; Cobas, Karem; Silva, José Ángel; Romero, Yaremis; Cosme, Karelia; Brown, Emma; Blanco, Aracelys; Miranda, Jamilet; Perera, Yasser

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